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Vietnam, An Adventure For The Soul

Vietnam is country with diverse interests; here people will find solace in the serene landscape, quiet beaches, lovely lakes and can watch the life of the locals while kayaking through the Mekong River. Vietnam is one of the hottest travel destinations in Asia. Except grand hotels, big restaurants and luxury resorts where fixed prices are listed, you can bargain for anything in Vietnam.
Vietnam is also the ideal destination for thrill seekers as it offers some extremely challenging tracks which can be explored on motor bikes.Motor biking is a popular sport in Vietnam enjoyed by the locals. Your motor bike rides take you to lush green valleys, deep chasms and gorges, ravines and cascades and beautiful lakes. There are various tour operators which provide well maintained motor bikes and riding gear. The routes themselves are exciting with twisting snaking roads, hair raising bends and the trilling dirt tracks.
Vietnam is a country abounding with wondrous and diverse natural beauty. For tourists interested in arts and architecture, there is the Thang Long Water Puppet theatre and the Van Mieu or the Temple of Literature.
This Vietnam coastline is a spectacular spot enjoyed by many tourists. Nha Trang Cathedral is an elegant building in French Gothic style and adorned with stained glass windows. In 1975, Saigon was named as Ho Chi Minh City and it is the largest city in Vietnam. Notre Dame Cathedral, a French built Catholic cathedral is a pride of this city and there are also many Chinese temples in this city. Ben Thanh market is a great attraction for the tourists and there is also the Night Market where all the local cuisines, arts and souvenirs can be bought by the tourists.
Vietnam is a country that is situated in the Southeast Asia. It is bordered by China and Laos and Cambodia. Where it was once a country ravaged by war, now, Vietnam has opened its doors to tourists that it is now fast becoming a go-to place in Asia, and here are ten places that one should visit and see in Vietnam.

1.) Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
This mausoleum is located in Hanoi, and this is where the great Ho Chi Minh is entombed. It is very strict here, so one should follow the rules of no talking or loud noises and no photo taking once inside the mausoleum. If you want to visit the mausoleum, do not go there in short pants as you will not be allowed to enter.

2.) Ho Chi Minh Museum
If you found the solemnity in the mausoleum too stifling, then the museum can take some of that feeling away. Here, you will get to see photos and old letters during the time of Ho Chi Minh. Just do not mind some of the gruesome pictures of the war though.

3.) Ho Chi Minh's Vestige
After the museum, you can visit Ho Chi Minh's vestige. This is where the great man lived and worked. You will also get to see here the houses where he lived in, which are always kept clean as the day he died.

4.) One Pillar Pagoda
This is a short walk from the mausoleum and the museum of Ho Chi Minh. It is also one of the must-see destinations in Vietnam. Watch out though as the grounds can be crowded with a lot of tourists at one time.

5.) Hoan Kiem Lake
This is a relaxing place to be if you want a quiet time alone. In this park, you can have a leisurely stroll with your loved one. You can also visit the Ngoc Son Temple in this park, which is a good source for Vietnamese history and culture, among which is the story of the giant turtle that is said to inhabit the lake.

6.) Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre
This is a nice way to spend the day with your family. The theatre tells of Vietnamese history and legends through the use of wooden figures representing men and women and the ever-present dragons. The story is told through music and the puppets dancing.

7.) Floating Markets of Can Tho
For a completely unique experience, you should visit the floating markets of Can Tho. You can also take a tour of the area by renting a boat. Some of the floating markets are Cai Rang (sells wholesales mainly), Phong Dien (for retails), Phung Hiep and Tra On.

8.) Ho Xuan Huong
If you want to go boat riding, then you should visit Ho Xuan Huong, which is also called Xuan Huong Lake. This is located in Dalat and is a favorite among tourists who want to get some peace and quite. This is also a favorite spot of honeymooners as they stroll hand in hand along the banks of the lake.

9.) Thung Lung Tinh Yeu
This place is called the Valley of Love and is also popular among honeymooners. This is a wonderful place if you enjoy canyoning. If you have canyoning in mind, then this is the place for you as they have canyoning operators as well who will guide you on your trip.

10.) Ho Chi Minh City
This was popularly known as Saigon. Here, you will get to see a lot of fascinating places such as the Reunification Palace of the Independence Palace. There is also the War Remnants Museum as well as the Museum of Vietnamese History if you want to know more about the history and culture of Vietnam.

In short, Vietnam has countless attractions to offer its tourists and the beautiful beaches and historical places are a treat for every tourist. These beautiful cities has ingredients to tickle the fancy of any experienced and seasoned travelers.


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