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Like any other destination in Southeast Asia, Cambodia offers the tourist so many attractions it is difficult to narrow the list down.The exotic look of the land is one of the things that people always comment on, that spend anytime inside the Kingdom of Cambodia traveling. The look is derived mostly from their Khmer heritage where Cambodia was the largest and most powerful culture in South East Asia for many centuries. A large number of Buddhists temples called "wats" are the largest and the highest of the building in the rural Cambodia. These magnificent sparkling temples stand watch over the countryside, very similar in location on hill tops, but larger for the most part, than most of the rural churches in west.

The other thing that you cannot miss is the smiles and the endless hello's that you receive when you travel around from all of the kids. It is easy to see that many of the kids live in poverty, but fortunately for them they are unaware of this, and they laugh and play all day long. Even as adults, Khmers are some of the happiest people that you will meet in your travels. One sense's that their expectations of the world are in line with their reality and all is well right here, right now, so why not be happy? A wonderful thing to behold in this exotic Asian country of Cambodia!

There are five destinations you should at least consider before you finalise your travel plans:

Phnom Penh

The capital of Cambodia has many interesting temples and markets that you can visit day and night. But perhaps one of the more famous destinations with tourists is the Russian Market. Also known as Psar Tuol Tompoung, this is a bargain hunters dream come true. You can find just about anything from food to souvenirs and clothing, and the prices are almost unbelievable. As long as you maintain a positive outlook and are friendly and smiling in your bargaining, you can expect to pay no more than half price and usually substantially less than that.

Siem Reap

One of the most spectacular ways to see this famous city is by hot air balloon. From this vantage point you can really appreciate the expanse of Angkor Wat. It is difficult to obtain a proper perspective when you are walking through this ancient temple, so you will really come to appreciate the magnificence of this structure from high in the air.

Choeung Ek

Although you may consider this a grisly recommendation, the atrocities of the recent wars in Cambodia provide a timely reminder of the value of peace. This area is better known as the Killing Fields made famous in film and print after the Khmer Rouge regime was toppled. Of the 17,000 people who were killed here, 8000 skulls remain as a haunting tribute.

Kangpong Som

Located close to the Ream National Park, this delightful beach is the access point to some amazing scuba-diving. Divers from around the world marvel at the beauty of the coral and variety of fish all easily accessible by just walking off the beach. There is plenty of nightlife nearby as well so an overnight stay is in order.

Angkor Wat

No visit to Cambodia would be complete without visiting Angkor Wat, the largest religious structure in the world. It was constructed in the 12th century and it is an elaborate collection of buildings and monuments that seem to stretch out forever.

Cambodia is still developing as a tourist destination with its facilities improving every year. But you will still need to take out adequate holiday insurance so you can have a hassle free trip without the burden of worrying about adequate health cover for example.Cambodia is ideally suited to the independent traveller as well as those who like the ease of travel that a group tour offers.


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