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From the spiritual to the philosophical, to the practical worldly wisdom, and now to today's form of knowledge management, Wisdom has captivated and intrigued many a heart. It still remains however; Wisdom is something tangible, unique, and inspiring. Wisdom is timeless

If we really want love, then love at the very end of our wait. - Oscar Wilde

The freedom that comes from man, not of laws or institutions. - Clarence Darrow

It's easier to add something to the reputation than to gain his own reputation. - Publius Syrus

When we grow old, time will make us surrounded by people who love us, instead of the people we love. - J. Petit Senn

Not doing anything is the power of each person. - Samuel Johnson

Courage is not absence of fear, but do it - Montaigne

Failure is usually the first step toward success, but success itself is really just not be sure the road to the summit a success. - Lambert Jeffries

Make sure that your head is not higher than your hat. - Vergill

The place to be happy here. Time to be happy now. The way to be happy is to make others happy. - Robert G. Ingersoll

Courage is not absence of fear, but do it. - Montaigne

The nature of Love: 1. Do not discriminate 2. Free or unconditional 3. Unconscious self 4. Free - Anthony De Mello Sj

Only a stupid fish that can catch fishing twice with the same bait. --

Most of us believe can make other people happy with the way that we set. - Robert S. Lynd

If we really want love, then love at the very end of our wait. - Oscar Wilde

People who can not forgive others the same as those who decided the bridge should pass, because everyone needs to forgive. - Thomas Fuller

There are two things you need to forget: The good you do to others and the mistakes of others to you. - Sai Baba

A life full of mistakes not only more valuable but also more useful than live without doing anything. - George Bernard Shaw

There are two kinds of knowledge: we already know by itself, or that only we know where he could be found. - Samuel Johnson

What is your life purpose? 
As an adult, there are really only 3 great endeavors you must focus on to live a successful life. The Great Game of Significance is one of the 3 great games of adulthood. Pain, however, is a teacher. Emptiness is nature's way of saying pay attention to your purpose.


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