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Self Motivation

Motivation can sometimes be hard to muster, we can all fall prey to the lackluster feelings demotivation can bring, and as a result our aspirations can stagnate. Have you ever felt so demotivated that even the thought of making positive changes seems too difficult?

If the answer is yes please read on, you're not alone, we all feel that way from time to time. I've spent many hours evaluating the times when I have a high sense of motivation and times when I am completely demotivated. I use self motivation techniques, and will share these with you.
It may first be helpful to examine demotivation, we all know that demotivation exists, especially when we are experiencing it, but there are many differing characteristics to it and using the same strategies for every type of demotivation can be ineffective and cause us to experience further demotivation.

Fear, for example, can stop you moving forward with a project or life goal. If fear is demotivating and stopping you achieving your goals, the first thing you need to do is look at exactly what you are fearful of. As fear often comes from our imaginations, ask yourself why you're afraid of that particular fear, and what's the chance your fear will become a reality? Is it really a fear of failure or is it a fear of success. Defining and clarifying the reasons you feel demotivated can be the most important factor in understanding your own demotivation.
Negative Self Talk
Negative self talk can play a huge part in creating demotivation. It's a type of self sabotage which is based on fear and/or lack of confidence.
You may have negative self talk without even realising it, but listening to the many thoughts running through your head everyday will give you an indication as to whether your self talk is on the whole, negative or positive. Negative self talk can be changed once you're aware of it. You need to reprogram your subconscious, every time you notice negative self talk creeping into your thoughts, turn it into a positive. Negative self talk is a learnt behaviour, so you can unlearn it.

Low Self Esteem
Suffering with low self esteem can also have the knock on effect of demotivating you. Raising your levels of self esteem will in turn have the knock on effect of increasing your motivation. Just living your life and juggling your many commitments can bring about demotivation. Evaluate what aspects of your life you could shuffle around to make time for that important aspiration you want to achieve. A well orchestrated time management plan prioritising what's important can free up some time resulting in more energy and motivation.

Illness or Injury
Your environment can demotivate you, be it your place of work or your home. If the place you live is unwelcoming and not meeting your basic needs then this can become disheartening and become a factor in demotivation. Also boring and dismal working environments are well known to cause a decrease in productivity, employee performance and motivation.

General Motivation Tips
Okay if you're still reading after all the negative demotivation stuff you really must be serious about becoming motivated. :) Setting Goals:
Nope, not goals (plural), just goal (singular). Losing energy and focus is common when attempting to achieve too many goals at a time. Keep it simple and feel safe in the knowledge that it is better to achieve one goal at a time than fail trying to achieve too many goals.

Prepare for Troughs as Well as Peaks
Life wouldn't be life without these contrary states of existence. I can sometimes learn a lot more from a time of arduous disappointment than from a time of plain sailing. Learn from everything that crosses your life path, even the seemingly negative experiences. Working towards and achieving your goals should really be an enjoyable experience. If you're truly following your passion, then taking the steps to achieving your goals should feel effortless.

Self motivation is very important. There are several reasons for self motivation being so important in a person's life. Everyone needs to be self motivated.
Self motivation is known as the most important factor in your life. Self motivation plays an important role in enhancing your self esteem. Lack of self motivation at such times can be damaging and even complicate your life further.


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