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The Word of Promise Audio Bible (Technology and Religion)

When was the last time you read a book? There is an easy way, however, to add the Bible back into your life, and that is by utilizing an audio Bible. The Bible is available on CDs that can be played on your computer or a CD player, and also in mp3 format. If you want to share the Bible with them, you will either have to learn to speak the audience's language well enough to read the Bible to them, or you can rely on other means. The King James audio Bible, for example, is available in digital format in over 250 different dialects. That being the case, almost everyone can hear, so one way to learn what the Bible has to say is to listen to it, and digital audio Bibles can make a difference in everyone's spiritual growth.
Bible studies can also benefit from the mp3 audio Bible. An audio Bible can be just the item they need to help them stay abreast of Bible teaching, and they too can learn by utilizing this innovative technology.
Your family can listen to the whole audio Bible (about 72 hours) on a long road trip. You can even listen to audio Bibles while you are out jogging or at the gym. If you regularly use a home or work computer and would like to listen to Bible passages during your lunch break or when you get home, you can find Christian websites where you can order or download an audio Bible online. If you think you would benefit the most from listening the Bible on CD, there are many retail and online stores that now sell the Bible on CD for a reasonable price. Bibles on CD are great because they are very versatile. In addition to a full MP3 Bible, you can also sign up for Bible podcasts or free audio Bible downloads to play on your iPod or MP3 player as well.
Audio Bible podcasts are available in several different versions, so you can select the ones that best meet your particular needs. If you enjoy hearing about missionary work being done in the field that utilizes the revolutionary new digital technology of the audio bible, you might enjoy podcasts that feature true stories from the missionary field and how lives are being changed through hearing the Word of God.
You can also subscribe to audio Bible downloads of the NIV audio Bible in a dramatized version of the New Testament. Children can also benefit from the audio Bible. Audio Bibles help us to benefit from the wisdom contained in the Proverbs and the Psalms. Now Audio Bible podcasts feature these wonderful books from the Bible, a chapter at a time for you to listen to in order to grown in knowledge and understanding that only comes from regularly absorbing the Word of God.


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