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Does your advisor make more off your account than you do? We've been discussing how to protect yourself when choosing a financial advisor. Financial advisors are generally compensated in two ways: commission or fee-based. Commission-based advisors are essentially 'prepaid' because you're paying for service and advice several years up front. The main disadvantage with a commission-based advisor is that they have little incentive to actively watch over your money.
I was trained by the main office to spend 90% of my time prospecting new clients. If commission-based advisors can be referred to as pre-paid, then fee-based can be referred to as pay-as-you-go. Most fee-based advisors have access to the entire array of investment choices, not just those that pay a commission or load. For instance, some of the best performing mutual funds are no load funds and aren't even offered by commission-based advisors.
Because these advisors are paid a small ongoing percentage based on the assets they manage for you, their motivation is to service your account, not to sell you something. Conflicts of interest are a lot less likely with a fee-based advisor. Not all fee-based advisors are the same. If you choose a commission-based advisor, it will be very costly to change your mind should you be disappointed in their performance. Remember that the recommendations of commission-based advisors will always be colored by their need to generate commissions.
Careful planning for your trip would be the best way to go and this is where Trip advisor Marrakech comes in handy.
Trip advisor.com is a very popular hotel review site and is a valuable online tool that would surely help make your trip a lot less stressful which is something that a lot of us "travel bugs" look forward to every time we travel. It is a site that gives us up-to-date information on hotels, flights, and restaurants plus - they even have a travel guide.
The TripAdvisor website gives you lots of options for finding out the quality, amenities, location, etc. of the hotel, restaurant and flight you might be considering for your holiday or business travel. In all, they cover over 400,000 locations with descriptions, prices and reviews from people who have actually experienced the places and/or services. The Trip Advisor app is available in 20 countries and in 13 languages. As the world's most popular travel community, TripAdvisor can be an excellent resource for hotels, restaurants, attractions and flights as well. With more than 35 million reviews posted by real people and accessible by computer or mobile device, TripAdvisor can help these businesses to be seen for the quality and value they offer.


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