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Travel to Paradise in China

China is vast, populous country that never ceases to fascinate the world with its multitude of offerings. Wherever you go in China, you will be treated to a unique plethora of sights and sounds. China has an unrivalled allure for many visitors around the world who visit this country for diverse reasons. China is a country that amazes many with its diverse attractions and experiences that visitors can engage in. If you only have a limited time to tour China, you have to plan your China travel tour to include only the best sights that you are most interested to see in the particular region that you choose to visit.
As a tourist spot, China offers a limitless variety of spectacular scenery and historical wonders. During June to August, travelers often visit central and northern China, as rainfall is likely to occur in southern China during this time. Moreover October is ideal to travel anywhere and any region in the country. China is a vast country with rich history, spectacular scenery, colorful folklore, and diverse culture. Vacation in China would be the dream of every vacationer. There are several different public and private travel agencies that offer China tour packages both for individual and organized group trips. They offer discounted China tour and include discounts for hotel accommodation, car rentals, etc. A mainstay of China holiday tours, the Forbidden City is surrounded by high walls and protected by a moat. If you like the idea of visiting more than one of these cities on your China holidays, there are China holiday tours with itineraries that will include everything mentioned here as well as a lot more, such as a visit to Shanghai, China's oldest city.
China is a destination that has simply so much to offer its visitors who often return home with unforgettable memories of this unique country.
There are countless such exciting sights to see in China, but here are three recommendations on hotspots that you simply cannot miss.

Visiting the Great Wall of China
One of the must-see and all-time favourite destinations in China is the majestic Great Wall of China. You have not visited China till you have toured this incredible structure, which spans thousands of miles and was built in around ten centuries.
Several sections of the Great Wall are opened to tourists with many different sights to be experienced at each of them. The section that is the most popular with tourists is the Badaling section, which is only about an hour's drive northwest of Beijing. A section that is relatively easy to walk, you can climb to its top and admire the ridges that continue in all directions.
Another recommendation is to hike between the Simitai and Jinshanling sections, which will also give you spectacular views. However the terrain is rather uneven and steep so you have to be in good physical shape to do so.

A Cruise along the Yangtze River
A cruise down the third largest river in the world, the Yangtze River will offer you an unforgettable experience if you love nature. Whether your cruise takes place between Chongqing and Yichang, Chongqing and Wuhan or Chongqing and Shanghai, you are guaranteed to soak in some of the most stunning natural sights that you will ever see.
Your cruise will inevitably take to you one of the most famous natural landscapes - the Three Gorges, which are rich in natural beauty as well as religious, cultural and historical importance. More recently, the Three Gorges Dam is also a centerpiece in this exquisite landscape, creating a memorable sight.
The culture of the Yangtze River can also be an attraction in itself too. For instance, visitors from around of the world can participate in the International Tourist Festival of Three Gorges in Chongqing where you can learn more about the region while being entertained by visual folk exhibits and exciting performances.

Shanghai City Sightseeing
Shanghai is not only a cosmopolitan city with modern conveniences, it also is home to many sites that remind visitors of its rich culture and history. This is what makes Shanghai such an attractive destination. Here are some sites you can tour to experience different aspects of the city.
The rapidly-developing Pudong area is a must-visit if you appreciate the latest in modern architecture. Here, you can marvel at two of the sleek structures that have cemented their place in the city's urban landscape - the Jinmao Tower and the Oriental TV Tower.
A visit to Shanghai would not be complete without visiting The Bund, which alludes to the city's glorious past with its line-up of historical buildings along the city's waterfront.
For a more peaceful atmosphere, you can try visiting the Jade Buddha Temple which is home to some of the most beautiful relics such as jade Buddha statues.


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