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The internet has become a great tool for these traveler magazine websites. They help provide information to travelers who would like honest feedback, than deal with the tourism department which intends to commercialise everything as a great holiday, to boost up their country's tourist commission sales.
Tourism departments in each country focus on selling and have therefore become very unreliable for information. If you pay for a holiday visa, the tourism department immediately hand out a zillion pamphlets and brochures to advertise their touristic sites in the country. Mentioning everywhere as a great place. Be sure to google search 'traveler magazine' for further information with personal experiences shared.
Besides that, holidays are a great experience if proper information has been provided. Just don't forget to read personal experiences from these travel writers before you endeavour on any journey. Once you have experienced a certain place, be sure to write back on the traveler magazine websites and also share your experiences for further travelers.
A good travel magazine will inspire you to travel the globe, with tips on domestic and foreign destinations, with advice on where to find the tastiest food, fun outdoor activities and best cultural events on offer. I have found the following magazines to offer sound advice for an adventure on a budget.
Conde Nast Traveler
All writers for Conde Nast have to travel anonymously and pay their own way. This guarantees the credibility of destination reports and prevents writers from simply choosing to promote a restaurant or hotel because of the freebies they're offered.
Showcasing the world's best islands, with reports on lifestyle, culture, history and nature, Islands magazine shows you luxury places you may only dreamed of going to.
Travel & Leisure
A world travel magazine that reveals the secrets of the best destinations across the globe. With tips on the most wonderful hotels, exclusive shops, delectable restaurants and cool hip bars, it's also packed with the latest travel offers and tips on how to save money and have a stress free vacation.
The Ecologist
A magazine with a difference and perfect for any traveler with a conscience, The Ecologist suggests ways anyone can help tackle the environmental issues across the globe, from preparing food to traveling responsibly.
Sherman's Travel
Travel advice and features for anyone looking for the best luxury destinations the world has to offer. Focusing on both domestic and international locations, events, food and places to visit, Sherman's Travel is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a top 4 or 5 star vacation


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