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Online gaming has become very popular these days and out of the numerous games that can be played online, role playing games in which the player enters the game as a character inside the game and performs all the functions required by the settings of the game have become tremendously popular. These games are played by thousands of players from across the world. This is why they are called MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Games. These games have a storyline and the character play according to set rules and regulations. Players get points for the damage they cause to other players and also for their own health. Players also need to gather valuable items which get them points. The amazing popularity of role playing games proves that people find them interesting and tend to play these games for long hours.
RPG PC games are one genre of the massive PC gaming world. RPG stands for role-playing game. It involves a style of gaming in which the user controls the outcome of the player by the choices that they make during the game. Some of the best RPG PC games are Diablo, Fallout and Neverwinter Nights.
The cost of computer games is always inflated in stores. Stores have to worry about employing large amounts of staff, rental costs and store running costs. All these costs and more come out of the margin in the computer games they sell. This means that they simply cannot offer as good a price as an online store can.
This shortlist below are what I believe are some of the best RPG PC games of all time.
Neverwinter Nights
Dungeons and Dragons has for years been one of the most popular pen and pad RPG's of all time. Some early attempts at a top RPG PC game were made, Baldur's Gate (I and II) were based off DnD version 2 and proved super successful. No one yet had taken the very new rules of version 3 and turned it into a great game.
Fallout Series
The previous two games have been medieval/fantasy style, the Fallout series takes us into a post-apocalyptic future. The world has been trashed by nuclear war that has wiped out most of civilization.
Diablo Series
Diablo brought something to the RPG scene that no one had ever done before. An in depth, long story line with amazing graphics and super easy to play. The story line fitted well with the quests, there was always plenty of new gear and it was easy to customize your character at each level up. The game was simply just fun.
Diablo III has been announced to be released as early as 2011. It promises new graphics, new classes and a new mysterious storyline. The Diablo series have really defined themselves as some of the top PC RPG games of all time. I'm sure Diablo III will not disappoint.


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