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Lovely Laos II

With Burma around the corner, Laos is one of the most beautiful landlocked countries in Southeast Asia. A large spiritual cave dug into the limestone cliff that is facing the river is what makes Pak Ou caves so popular. Plain of Jars is another popular destination with tourists staying in Laos. The only reason the place is called Plain of jars is because through the coastal region, there are huge jars strewn all over the place. It is located in the south side of Si Phan Don. A place that is very special to residents of Laos is the Pha That Laung. A major festival happens here every year in November, which is the highlight of the place.
A small structure, which is very tiny when compared to the Angkor era sites, Wat Phu is a monument that is very unique. The ornate shiva sanctuary, and the crocodile stone are what make the place so enigmatic and popular amidst visitors. Stay in holiday rentals in Laos and a place that is very special to residents of Laos is the Pha That Laung. This is where one sees Budhhism and Lao sovereignty go hand in hand. 

Kuang Si Falls
Your vacation in Laos should include a trip to Kuang Si Falls, located about 29 kilometers (18 miles) south of Luang Prabang in Laos. Even though there is a small fee for entry to this piece of paradise, (these funds are used to maintain the property in and around the attraction) it will be well worth it. You are welcome to bring your Swim suit and enjoy any of the blue pools which collect the water from the falls. For the adventure seekers, hikers are allowed to climb to the top of the falls.

If you have ever been to Paris and visited the Arc de Triomphe you will immediately see a resemblance here at Patuxai. Considering the fact that Patuxai means, in Laotian, "Gate of Triumph", the resemblance should not surprise you. In fact the plan by this former French Colony was to commemorate their independence with this monument. Even though the appearance of the monument is similar to that of the Arc de Triomphe, on closer inspection, an obvious Buddhist inspiration is quite evident. You may ascend to the top of the monument after a small fee, where the view will be well worth it.

Buddha Park
Located on the Mekong River shore, Buddha Park can be reached by taxi or by accessing the #14 bus from the main terminal in Vientiane. With operating hours between 8am and 6pm, there will be time enough to see everything. Considering the fact that one of the biggest sculptures here is a Buddha, one should never forget its name. You could spend most of the your day in the sculptures garden, (I know I would) just slowly enjoying the history of it all. This is a great opportunity to learn about the culture and history of Laos.

Luang Prabang
Located more than four-hundred kilometers north of Vientiane, on the Mekong riverside, is Luang Prabang. Much smaller and closer than other towns in Laos, this town can be reached by air, or by a five hour bus ride. Because of the fact that everything is so close together, getting around this town will be a piece of cake. Much of the downtown area in Luang Prabang, was constructed around a low hill called Phou Si and it is there where you will experience views of the river and the town which will make your trip worthwhile.

Vientiane's Promenade
Most promenades, by their very name, suggest a bevvy of possibilities and Vientiane's Promenade is no different. The atmosphere and ambiance will make this venue, a perfect place to meet and greet others, or just sample some of the local cuisine. At sunset, you should make your way to the center of the promenade, where everything comes together, along with food stalls and a sunset that will make you wish you could stay forever.


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