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Frogger Online Games

Frogger Games were first introduced as an arcade game back in 1981 by Konami and distributed by Sega. Frogger has now grown ever so popular in the online community and now gamers game play Frogger Games Online for free.
The game had been developed by a game development company in Japan known as Konami. The game is all about a frog that you need to help to get on the other side of the road. The game has many different levels and difficulty increases as you advance through the stages. The frog would need to cross a number of lanes safely to reach the other side. If you choose to play the paid version of the Frogger game, you will have the opportunity to earn bonuses, which you can utilise to get free prizes. You can earn these bonuses by catching bugs or helping another frog to cross safely. In order to win a level, you need to help the frog get safely to its destination.
Since the time it was released, a lot of the variations of original Frogger game have been released. With the advent of Internet, online version of this game was also created and has since become one of the most popular online games. The 3-D version of this vintage arcade game introduced its aspects to that new generation of players that are familiar to the modern age of gaming.
It is almost impossible if somebody is a real gamer and has not heard about the Frogger Games. And similarly it is impossible that any ardent gaming fan would have missed out on playing this classic Frogger game at some point of his/her life. Read on to find out interesting facts about this very popular game of Frogger.
On the lower half of the screen are roads with vehicles that may include; depending on the online frogger game you are playing, cars, buses, bulldozers, trucks, vans, motorcycles and so on. The controls in Online Frogger Games are simple, you use the up, down, left and right to navigate the frog. If you fail, your frog just might get squashed.


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