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The audio Bible online is a wonderful new result of the application of digital audio technology to the Word of God. The King James audio Bible is just one of many versions of the Bible available in audio format. The audio Bible, mp3-player compatible, allows you to download the New Testament onto your mp3 player, allowing you to bring your Bible study with you wherever you go. Podcasts offer another means by which listeners can gain access to the audio version of the Bible. Podcasting technology brings the Bible to you via the Internet so that it can be downloaded onto your home personal computer or onto your mp3 player.
Podcasting has also been used to distribute audio tours of historical tourist attractions, online educational lessons, and more.
Creating podcasts involves different types of digital technology. Because the creation of audio files are possible on computers, the actual production of audio Bibles is made much simpler through the use of this wonderful digital equipment.
If you are a pastor or other religious leader, you know that getting your church members into and reading the Bible on a daily basis is the key to spiritual growth, church growth and outreach. There is one bright light that makes sharing the Word of God with members of your congregation much easier, and that is the audio Bible. The audio Bible, which comes in versions such as the King James audio Bible, the NIV audio Bible, and the Catholic audio Bible, is available in both a CD and mp3 format, making for ready access by your congregation.
For those looking for a small and easily portable audio version of the Bible, the online audio Bible would work well. The Bible comes in audio versions appropriate for children to use as well. If you have a computer, there are several versions of the audio Bible on CD, or compact disc. These can be played on your computer's CD drive, and listened to through your computer's speakers. There are audio playback devices that have been built to run on solar power, so as long as there is sunlight to recharge the battery, people can listen to the Word of God in their specific native language. The audio bible is a great gift to the world, who might not otherwise be able to learn about the powerful message held in God's Word.
The New Testament is also available in a downloadable mp3 format, allowing for it to be transfered to a tiny portable mp3 player. Pastors can use this digital technology to reach young church members as well. You will find children's versions of the Bible stories of the Old and New Testaments, as well as a host of great age-appropriate sing-along songs, available on CD, mp3, and podcast formats.


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